I offer standard – and in the case of German certified as well – translations and interpreting services with a focus on business and legal matters (e.g. purchase and sale agreements, contracts of lease, loan agreements, general terms and conditions, foundation documents, articles of association, annual reports, press releases, business meetings etc.).

To ensure the quality of the requested translation it is necessary that I am able to consult about the text with the client or the text´s author.

To ensure the quality of the requested interpreting services it is also necessary to provide me with sufficient preparatory materials in advance.



My offer includes lessons in standard, business and legal German and English. The classes are tailored according to your needs and requirements and take place at your company. I emphasize communication skills as well as the ability to understand native speakers. I mostly use foreign textbooks and materials (their advantage being the real German/English as opposed to “Czech German” or “Czenglish” quite often found in Czech textbooks), but also Czech materials (as a rule, Czech authors explain grammar very precisely and pay special attention to the more problematic aspects of a foreign language for Czech students). I always try my best to ensure that you will enjoy the lessons. That said, please don´t be surprised if your homework for the next lesson will time to time be given with these words: “For our next class, everybody please listen to 'Silenced by the night” by Kean...”

A short reflection on the profession of translators and interpreters

The art of translating and interpreting does not only mean to decode one language system into another, to replace the words of the original language with the words of the target language. The art of translating and interpreting well means to get the gist of whole text/oral expressions and to formulate it in the target language with the precise meaning the author intended. There is a German phrase that describes this effort aptly – one should translate/interpret “as faithfully as possible, as free as necessary” (“so treu wie möglich, so frei wie nötig”).

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